• fakegamefootage

    Sneak Peek at Phase2 game footage

    We are building demos for the gameplay of the Phase 2 portion of the product.  This part of the game will be a frantic, gorgeous and whimsical platformer that will challenge any gamer and be tons of …

  • testPloob

    Using Social Behavior Games in the Classroom

    There is ample evidence throughout several decades that students who possess negative social behaviors are often inept at building relationships with peers and teachers; show negative behaviors towards others; often feel rejected because of their …

  • conversation

    COMING SOON – The Conversation Game

    The Conversation Game In the modern world of texting and communicating with technology people spend less time practicing the art of the conversation.   This is especially true in young people.  Knowing how to have a fun …

  • mia

    COMING SOON – Oma Mia

    Oma Mia Have you ever wanted someone to talk to, someone you trusted and who would always be there for you, listening and caring.  Oma Mia has kind words and lots of support.  This virtual …

  • feature

    UpsideDown Stories

      Turnaround Stories-Turning that frown upside down! Aimed at the younger crowd, these enchanting original stories engage children ages 3-6 with readalong text and interactivity that tries to get them to see things from another perspective. Kids take …

  • sampleSMALL

    Bad Habit Rabbit

    Do you have problems reminding your children how to behave properly in social situations?  Do you feel that you need to nag them over and over about the same little habits? Sometimes all it takes …

  • ploob2

    What is a Ploob?

    The Ploobs are brightly colored clay characters that inhabit a fantasy world which mimics reality but with charming features.  The Ploobs are clay because they are not fully formed, just like our child players.  They …

  • poster

    PloobBox-the GAME

    Students join the Ploobs to learn the best way to resolve a variety of social situations targeted at their age group. Social situation are encountered in an interactive game that is instructive but fun and …