Bad Habit Rabbit

Posted by on Jan 15, 2015 in See what we are working on now


Do you have problems reminding your children how to behave properly in social situations?  Do you feel that you need to nag them over and over about the same little habits?

Sometimes all it takes is a reminder to stop when their young minds wander and they forget.  Behaviorists find that these repeated bad habits are sometimes linked to stress and anxiety or in some cases boredom.  It is not normally a conscious behavior but appear on a subconscious level.

The good news is that this means a non-aggressive “reminder is enough to get them to stop and then work towards abolishing these little habits forever.

Bad Habit Rabbit is a character who has this uncanny ability to always act badly.  Showing children others who are doing their same bad habits is the best road towards making them aware of their own behavior.  And of course, its funny!  Humor is the best way to engage the child so all of the short animated sequences are always a bit silly.


Habit Movies include:

  • Picking your nose
  • Biting your nails
  • Tapping your foot on someone’s chair
  • Tugging on you to get attention
  • Talking loudly in quiet places
  • Not covering your mouth when you cough
  • Not washing your hands after the bathroom


Our solution is based on “Redirection”  Each time Bad Habit Rabbit shows the bad behavior, the movie shows a motion we call TUP TUP HUP.

TTH is a discreet motion where the parent or other adult taps twice gently on their chest (to indicate a ‘caring, heart felt gesture)- the TUP TUP – and then raise their hand in a “halt” type motion.  The tapping gets the attention and the raised hand reminds the child to stop the behavior thus breaking the action with a subtle redirect.  This motion will begin to become automatic and will let the child know that it is meant as a caution for a serious behavior but in a way that is not embarrassing or demeaning to the child.