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Here’s the question….what do YOUR kids do that drive you crazy?
Please tell us about your favorite (or worst) examples of “bad social behavior’ in your children. We would love to hear from you!

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6 months 7 days ago

moi c’est quand il me dit que ce n’est pas sa faute s’il est comme ça mais la mienne puisuqe c’est moi qui l’ai éduqué! La répartie est difficile !!!!

6 months 15 days ago

When they grow up they know how to shut your mouth just saying when you tell them off because they made a mess in the house :
that’s the way you raised me, I can’t help it!!!! go away……….

6 months 20 days ago

The two biggies in our house are “me first” and “me too”; “Me first” is the mad dash rush to get the biggest portion at meals, the shotgun position in cars and the TV remote for the evening. “Me too” is the sudden realization that whatever a sibling is doing or holding has become the most precious thing in the world, and failing “me first” they must settle for “me too”. Makes us want to line up all the kids and force them to watch as we eat up all the food, remove the batteries from the remote (with the TV set to CSPAN), and drive off with the dog in the front seat.

6 months 21 days ago

Our daughter is 8. This behavior is pretty common within her circle of friends. When playing together, they aren’t yet completely tuned into to each other’s social cues about boundaries. For example, when one asks another not to do something the don’t like, it sometimes can take the emotional level reaching a high level of anxiety before their concerns are heard. Being focused on personal needs and desires first I think is aligned with their current cognitive development.