A Sampling of some of our Past Development Projects


The Gizmo6 team has been creating gorgeous and compelling interactive online content for kids since 2006. Our first client was the Buena Vista Entertainment Group (Disney Online) located in Burbank California.
Our goal was to help the online group develop new experiences by utilizing their popular intellectual properties including Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Hannah Montana, Cars and the Disney Channel Games to create innovative online games.


Disney Channel Games Online:  Our first big project with Disney was a multiplayer portal where players could hook up with up to 4 other players and compete in the wacky ‘fake’ Olympic games like Hamster Roll and Rock Paper Scissors to win trophies and try to get their team the most points.

For this product, we designed and created a fantastic arena (based on the Japanese Olympic Stadium) with beautifully rendered fly by movies that landed the player on the field.  Here they would use a fun ‘pinball’ type die and roll for the number of spaced to move on the track.  Along the way, players would either play alone or battle other players in 16 thrilling mini games to score points for the team.  The leaderboard and team rooms would show who was ahead and how many trophies were awarded to each team.




Preschooltime Online: This was a edutainment product for kids just getting ready for school.  It exposed children to numbers and letters, shapes and colors and tons of cognitive thinking activities.  Subscribers would get a brand new episode downloaded onto their compter every twoweeks containing 7 characters, each with 5 levels of gameplay all based on that weeks theme.

When it began it was hosted by Bear in the Big Blue House but later the main host became Mickey Mouse himself.

Gizmo6  converted the gigantic Preschooltime Online downloadable subscription based product to Flash and updated by adding in some of the more recent characters including Special Agent Oso and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.



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Disney Princess: We helped design and build the Disney Princess Franchise website which included interweaving dozens of fun activities into storylines where young  girls could actually talk to and help all of the Princesses with adventures and win Friendship Charms.



DIsney Fairies-PixieHollow online: Our team of artists also helped create thousands of fashions and home furnishings for the PixieHollow online portal. Gizmo6 designed and created over 15 mini games for the portal as well. Disney Fairies was a complete MMO where young girls could fly around with other fairy avatars in a beautiful fairy world.


Go Go Kabongo: Alongside the Disney development, Gizmo6 also worked on an educational online product called Go Go Kabongo. This online subscription based game was inspired by Skatekids/Ramps to Reading online and helped children to read by utilizing the same fundamental concepts.


With the help of the wildly creative group at Tado
we created 4 characters and environments and designed and produced 12 educational games as well as a storymaker, skatepark and treehouse to allow kids to personalize their space.



Astrid + Siri Fashion Designer:  The recent iOS product we have recently completed is Astrid + Siri Fashion Designer, a fashion world where kids can design and create their own fashions in the Nordic land with their friends Astrid, Siri, Puffin, Ms Deer, Mr. Polar Bear and the Sheep.



This is not your average dress up game! From the wildly creative designer Tara Murphy,  this magical world allows players to earn ‘dalas’ and then can spend them in the Puffin’s workshop to buy sunglasses or hats or socks to complete your fashions.  Choose from fabrics by famous designers such as Vivia Ferragamo and read how she designs clothes in her own studio.