Executive Team


BRIDGET ERDMANN – BridgeBRIDGETt is a creator and designer of content and IP for kids media including interactive, print and television.  She is a production executive, creative director and consultant focusing on design and strategic development planning for interactive, education products for children.

Bridget is an avid writer for interactive media and fiction and has comprehensive development experience starting with Atari Games in 1987, where she met Brad. After 3 years at Atari, Bridget went into software development and worked alongside Mark Schlichting and a team of inspired designers to help create the line of interactive childrens books called Living Books. This is where she first began working with Robert. After 8 years, she continued her children’s software development by becoming co-studio head at Imaginengine. Here she ran the creative development side of the studio and helped to ship over 100 CD Rom titles, working with Disney, Nickelodeon, Mattel, Scholastic and more.     Specialties: Writer, designer, conceptual artist, manager and developer of children’s media.


BRAD FULLERBRAD – Brad is a music composer, software developer and an instructor teaching subjects such as Sound Design, Orchestration, Interactive Audio, and Web design. He has experience as a Product and Technical Manager for over 100 interactive media products in the video game, interactive television, and education industries.

His experience includes Content development at Sonaural, Director of Product Management at OpenTV, Digital Software Manager at Philips, President of Matter to Magic Inc., Director of Engineering, and Director of Audio Development at Atari Games. He was awarded a Phase I SBIR Grant for creating a system for the accurate capture and recording of the audible range of a 3D spatial sound field.    Specialities: music composition, software development, video production and product management.


ROBERT HOFFMANBERT – Robert ‘Bert’ Hoffman has over 18 years of experience in educational and entertainment software for children, starting with Bridget at Living Books and continuing through the company’s many transitions as Broderbund, The Learning Company and finally the Riverdeep collective.

During the internet explosion he worked for Mondo Media, creators of online syndicated content (games and animated series) as Senior Engineer in charge of show production and game content. He returned to software as a Senior Engineer for Stunt Puppy and then with Bridget again for ImagineEngine / F9 working with such licenses as The Incredibles, Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer and Thomas the Tank Engine. In 2007 he helped create an interactive exhibit for Motorola at Wannado City, a kids’ discover park in Florida.More recently he has been working with Bridget at Gizmo6  on such projects as the Princess Franchise Website, Preschool Time Online and Pixie Hollow.   Specialties: Flash Actionscript, C/C++, LUA, Javascript, game design, art production and optimization


M.BaileyLoveM.BaileyLove– Mike is a Disney Grand Prize winning animator and a founding participant of the famed Pasadena tech incubator Idealab. He has a life-long passion for technology and aspires to “learn everything there is to learn” about creating beautiful things that make people’s lives better.
Mike first started working with Bridget while she was making Living Books products at Broderbund to produce the RugRats Movie Activity Challenge as the Creative Director for a software development company called KnowWare, . To this day, they continue to work together and challenge each other to create and imagine all kinds of funny, charming, and unique play experiences for the child in everyone.




We are privileged to have one of the finest clinical psychologists from the acclaimed Texas Tech University in Austin working with us on the project.  His experience with adolescent behavior problems, anger management. depression and anxiety disorders has allowed us to get insight on how some social behaviors can be detected and potentially altered.  His approach involves the caring and application of methods and strategies that have been supported through research.  Although he has extensive experience at treating and evaluating a variety of concerns, his specialty areas which include adolescent behavior problems, bariatric evaluations, treatment of anger management, cognitive-behavioral treatment of depression and anxiety disorders and pypsychological evaluation to clarify mental disorders has proven invaluable in our design and data tracking and evaluations of the product.

Texas Tech University is one of the first U.S. med schools to offer an accelerated M.D.